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Master the Loan Business with Anh Hau

Anh Hau

MLOCertification.com founder Anh Hau has seen it all during her 31 years in the mortgage business. From roller-coaster market conditions to ever-changing regulations, rules and lending guidelines — no one else has more to teach the next generation of industry professionals. Anh’s formidable knowledge extends to the intricacies of today’s technology, which plays a vital role in loan approval. She’s adept at benefitting from technology’s fast loan approvals and funding while overcoming its inevitably larger ratio of denials.

The demand for highly skilled loan originators has only increased with borrowers becoming more informed on mortgage rules and lending requirements. Anh Hau provides the training you need to meet all of your obligations to borrowers.

Building on her mission, she has created a national hands-on practice program that empowers loan officers with significant knowledge in all aspects of the loan business. For your convenience, this program includes easy-access videos on YouTube. These long and short videos present online webinars and virtual classroom-setting training sessions.